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Adult Leagues

We offer several leagues for the bowling enthusiast. A league member pays a flat rate per week for 3 games of bowling and is committed to that league for the season. In the event that a league bowler has to miss he/she can find a spare (alternate) to fill their space. If you cannot find an alternate, most leagues allow pre-bowls, which means you can bowl before hand and your scores will count on your bowling night. Each league also enjoys different social aspects and charges a nominal fee for Christmas and Year end functions.


We have competitive leagues that bowl using either a little or no handicap.

Non Competitive:

We have several non-competitive leagues which use handicaps to offset a bowlers’ average to make the game fair for everyone. For example, a league uses a 100% handicap based on 225. If Bob’s average is 150, (225-150=75, 75 X 100%= 75) Bob’s average is 75. If Jim’s average is 200, (225-200=25, 25 X 100% = 25) Jim’s average is 25. If Bob and Jim both bowl their average, their handicapped scores would be Bob 225 and Jim 225. This way no one has an unfair advantage, whether he’s a good bowler or a poor bowler. Most non-competitive leagues are more about the social interaction while enjoying the sport of bowling.

The time slots presently used by leagues are:

Mixed League Tuesday Night,
Ladies League, Tuesdays at 1 PM or Wednesday Evening
Seniors League Wednesday afternoon
To Join a League or inquire about one Call : 786-2034
Leagues start yearly in September